28 Day Family Treatment Program for Teens
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Teenage Therapy
Is your teen being disrespectful, withdrawn, acting out, moody? Are they having difficulty in school, in relationships, or withdrawing or being conflictual during family time. The 28 day treatment program is an out patient therapeutic program that offers individual therapy and family therapy and daily check in with a licensed therapist .Kerreen M. Chau, LMFT works with about 15 adolescents a week who have behavior problems. Through her expertise she guides teens and their families successfully through a process that not only changes behaviors but, also produces a deeper understand and awareness of the individuals process and how to manage ones self in a productive way. The program includes stopping negative destructive behaviors like teen run aways, substance use, risky behavior, self injurious behaviors like cutting, lying and aggressive outbursts. Your teen will learn self management skills, self awareness, mood management, self motivation,  expression of healthy emotions, positive coping skills, self esteem, decision making guide lines, and increasing self esteem.
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